Robert James Neal, September 22, 1978~August 1, 2014


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Robert James Neal, 35, of Winslow died August 1, 2014.  He was born September 22, 1978 in Fayetteville.

He was preceded in death by his brother, Jack Neal, Jr.

He is survived by his wife, Tina of Winslow; his parents, Jack and Carol Neal of West Fork; sister, Cindy Snow and husband Terry of Fayetteville; brother, Tommy Neal and wife Angela of West Fork; several nieces and nephews.

A private memorial service will be held at a later date.



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    Michele King » 05. Aug, 2014

    I am so sorry for your loss.. My Love, thoughts and prayers will be with you.

    Sharon Deloy » 07. Aug, 2014

    So sorry to hear of your loved one passing. Though I haven;t seen Bob for a number of years, I alway remember him as a fun loving, polite, and charming man.

    tina kim snow -neal » 19. Jan, 2015

    dearest mom and dad, i dont have the correct words , feelings or understanding to offer a proper condolance to anyone..not even to myself. i sometimes drive by your house just for happy memories. i sat in yyour driveway for a little while in his birthday. god only knows how much i miss him. we were so very much alike that we sometimes felt like we were dating ourself. we ,oved having the same daily schedules… eating, napping, same tv show line ups. i never really knew till it was too late how much we really depended on each other without knowing, or even asking another for anything. our daily lives were so much insync. i lived in my car for the first couple weeks. i couldht bare to be there without him. my brothers helped me rearrange the furniture a little bit so it would help 1 1000th of the daily memories and rutines. i still cant watch most of our favvorite shows alone. it has really taken me a long time to fully grieve to the fullest extent . im still in somewhat a state of disbelief and shock. most people think im looney, but i can still hear him talk to me. i sometimes find myself answering him aloud. lots of the family members didnt believe in ghosts or spirits….. till now. they have ALL seen and heard him. most are scared but not me. hes being alot nicer now. at first he was pissed off and would throw things at everyone and break things and lock them in and out.but hes more peaceful now.i dont know if u believe in this. talk to any of our family members…. they know. he even knocked my whole exterior wall down cuz i was leaving to denver. the whole time i was gone he really had a big fit. dad and robert even went over there with guns threating to call the police till they realized it was only bob. he also yells and cusses at kristen and ronnie badly to get their attention. please don t think that im looney, but if you would like to come over anytime to talk to and see him your more than welcome. like i said… hes much more mellowed out now love you tina snow neal

    tinasnow neal » 19. Jan, 2015

    i love you all

    tina snow-neal wife of 6 years » 19. Jan, 2015

    with addition to the above obit.i would like to add that bob was also predeceased by his favorite uncle jim and his eldest stepson Jason snow along with many other close friends. just to name a few, chad rogers. roger little. andy noakes.rodger Ratliff just to name a few. in which they were each and everyone rather disturbing all the same. he is survived by many loved friends and family. he had 4 nieces, Erika,christen, tracy and sydda. as well as 6. god nieces, willie jean, daphnia, daisy, logan.ashtonslavens and Brooklynmorland. all local in nwa. he had a loving step daughter Christi Moline of Denver co, .and three step sons which ae dual residents of both drnver and nwa. aaron snow, damian snow and ricardo arciga.he was well loved by his close realitives, jncluding several aunts, uncles, cousins and many, many friends. he was also well loved by his in-laws,,,Kenny, tony, terry rosetta, Robert, kieley. angela. jr. trish. talon. joey. Samantha.and angela. his closest friends included but were not limited to Jason, duck, linda. chad. dons- mike and Debbie. tina, mark johnny.kara and mom Norris. everyone that really knew him couldn’t help but love him, he jad the kindest and purest heart that I have been so blessed to get to know, love and be loved back. Teresa. Vicki. Valerie.tommy jack sr. and mother neal and I alllseem to un verbally feel about the same similar depths of loss bot perhaps in different levels. I wish that we humans did not ever have to experience yhese levels of pain ever. if thisss helps anyone at

    tina » 24. Jan, 2015