David Jackson Butt, November 21, 1946~March 28, 2016

David Jackson Butt died in Fayetteville on March 28, 2016 at age 69. David was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas on November 21, 1946, the son of Dr. Jack and Frances Butt.

He was preceded in death by his parents and his older brother, John Edward Butt.

David grew up in Fayetteville, attending Fayetteville Public Schools and graduating from Fayetteville High School. His college career was interrupted by the Vietnam War. David volunteered for the U.S. Marines, served as a Marine Sniper in Vietnam and was honorably discharged after his combat tour of duty. David returned to Fayetteville and completed his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Arkansas. David was an avid, lifelong learner, reader and teacher. He taught English in the Springdale Schools for many years, followed by a lengthy tenure as the Science Department, grades 1-12, for the St. Paul School District. His final vocation before retirement was as a maintenance director for the Fayetteville Housing Authority. He was a crack shot with rifle and pistol, an ardent and outspoken advocate for the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and loved golf, known to many in Northwest Arkansas for his cheerful willingness to join anyone on the first tee who would accept his onesome for the upcoming round.

He is survived by many cousins throughout the United States and his most supportive companion, Marlene Joseph.

Memorials may be made to the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation, P.O. Box 571, Fayetteville, AR 72701.

A memorial service will be held at Beard’s Funeral Chapel, 855 South Happy Hollow Road, Fayetteville, Arkansas at 10 A.M. Friday, April 1, 2016.

Cremation arrangements by Beard’s Funeral Chapel and Crematory.

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Condolences (29)

    Charlene (Mains) DeVito » 29. Mar, 2016

    Rest in peace dear friend….you touched so many lives over the years and will be missed.

    Nancy Butt Siversen » 29. Mar, 2016

    Dear David will be missed by his many friends and large extended family. So sorry to hear this news.

    Katherine Novak » 30. Mar, 2016

    David was part of an outer circle of our friends and acquaintances that went back to his and our college years. With David there was never a dull moment. He was always there to help anyone, especially students. And, it seems everybody knew him. He will be missed.

    Essie (Butt) Anderson » 30. Mar, 2016

    Dear David, such an unexpected, tragic loss for all of us. From the enemies we were in grade school my affection for you has grown immensely and I am thankful for the many visits we have had over the last 13 years. Rest in peace.

    Jerry and Linda Patrick » 30. Mar, 2016

    Thank you David for being a great teacher and friend to our daughters. You were a wonderful influence in their lives and will be greatly missed.

    Cindy Duncan » 30. Mar, 2016

    So sorry to hear about David’s passing. He was a great Red Cross Swimming coach. That was back in the day.
    Rest in Peace David.

    Name » 30. Mar, 2016

    Mr. Butt was a teacher of mine in high school, but he was not only a teacher but a friend of a lot of us who graduated in 1981. He was a fine man, I will miss running in to him around town and reminiscing about the old days at shs. Rip Mr. Butt, thanks for being such a great teacher and friend.

    mike dardin » 30. Mar, 2016

    a good friend and i will miss him.

    Jo (Holcomb) Heiliger » 30. Mar, 2016

    Remembering David from grade school years at Leverett School in Fayetteville on into these last years. He called me when my brother died — David had a big heart! I enjoyed hearing about his teaching years and know he cared about his students.

    Ricky griggs » 30. Mar, 2016

    Prayers to the family..Mr Butt’s was a great teacher..he always made sure to help us with anything we needed….teachers like him are hard to find anymore.

    Linda Lafferty Ladd » 30. Mar, 2016

    Too soon gone. Rest in peace, David.

    David K. Donnell » 31. Mar, 2016

    Sorry to hear this David was a teacher of mine at SHS 75-76, he was not your average teacher,and that was the wonderful thing about him, he also inspired me to keep writing
    and to date I’ve written lyrics to over a hundred songs, Lots of fun memories about Mr.Butt.

    Ellen Clark Otis » 31. Mar, 2016

    Mr. Butt was my teacher in the 70′s. He made a lasting imprint on many lives that still cherish his memory.

    Jeff Donnell » 31. Mar, 2016

    My favorite teacher. Loved his humor. Admired and respected him.

    Catherine Leighton-Floyd Harris » 31. Mar, 2016

    I am so saddened by the news of David’s death. He was a good friend to me. I will always love him and remember the kindness and encouragement he offered me during the years of our friendship.

    Rayanne » 31. Mar, 2016

    To a beloved teacher that taught me that who I wanted to become was more important than who I use to be. I will miss you

    Name » 31. Mar, 2016

    So very sorry to hear this. He will be missed by many.

    Terri Johnston » 31. Mar, 2016

    So sorry to hear this. He will be missed.

    Vicky Offutt Turner » 31. Mar, 2016

    David was an always interesting and interested person. I knew him in the Fayetteville Public schools and later through class reunions. He was my son-in-law’s favorite teacher. I have no doubt that David was important to many students. He will be missed.

    Debbie Daniels Eden » 31. Mar, 2016

    This, in my opinion was a great man. He was my teacher and mentor 40 years ago during high school. He was my teacher, then I had the opportunity to be his student helper. I will always remember his humor. On the first day of school, that long ago, I still remember he told us that his name was David Butt, yes he had a family. 2 daughters…Ina and Ophelia!
    I’m praying he was a believer and now in the arms of Jesus
    My condolences to the family.

    Clay R. Farris » 31. Mar, 2016

    It was sad to hear of David’s passing. I’ve known David over 35 years. Like many of us he was my English / Literature teacher. Over the years he taught me much more. He has been a mentor, a counselor, an advisor, a golf and shooting instructor. In the darkest of times he was a strong support just by listening. But must of all David was my friend. I am blessed to have known him and his influence in my life helped me to be a better man. Thank you Dave. Hit’em long and straight.
    Clay R. Farris
    SHS Class of 81

    Jack Butt » 01. Apr, 2016

    Clay, thanks so much for your condolence, and especially your wonderful sharing of memories of David at the memorial service today. For you, and anyone else that reads this, David had asked that Frank William Earney be contacted in the event of his death. I am not familiar with that person…are you? Thanks again, Jack Butt

    Name » 01. Apr, 2016


    It was an honor to share my words today. Thank you for the opportunity. I know David is proud to know I and so many other students were so profoundly and positively impacted by his guidance. I am sorry but I do not recognize the name. I do hope someone will be able to assist.
    Clay R. Farris

    Virginia Beaty Pickle » 01. Apr, 2016

    Years ago, a phone call from David, out of the blue, the purpose of which was to encourage laggards to finally attend the next FHS Class of 1964 reunion, set in motion a chain of events. A sporadic but enduring correspondence began; lively, fun and interesting–touching on the old school days, the many friends we’ve known and running commentaries on the topics of the day. At first, these were handwritten letters by both. Then segued to David’s sending his via e-mail. My posts continued to be handwritten. Several times my husband and I were able to meet with David for lunch or dinner while visiting family in the area. In great part due to these continuing connections with David, I finally attending my first FHS reunion this past summer, celebrating our 51st year since graduation. For the memories rekindled, the joy experienced with meeting dear friends after so long a time, and the three of us spending a lunchtime with David again, we owe deep gratitude to that encouraging phone call he made to us, those many years ago. Thank you David. God bless you! “The real heroes in this world are the adults who take the time to make a difference in the life of a child.” Author Unknown

    Lauralee keen » 01. Apr, 2016

    My prayers are with you. I had Mr Butt as a teacher, he was great. He made learning fun. He made me laugh so much made my day always. But he also made sure you got your work done. If you thought you couldn’t do something he would always had a way of helping you to make you feel like you did it al your self. I’m truly sorry for your lose.

    James Treitler » 01. Apr, 2016

    DAVID I’m so sorry I didn’t get to know you better and talk about your time as a US marine in maybe your time of serving in hell (Vietnam) I was a navy corpsman and serve on a ship in that area. My time on ship my chief navy corpsman who did 2 tours in Vietnam and could of serve with you. I remember we would talk when you walked your dog. And that day Monday the march 28 we talked a little at about 4;3pm and you looked great. I wish you would have told me if you weren’t feeling could and you told me you were looking forward to more days like this and wished all days could be like today and I agree with you then 3 hours later I saw fire and ems with the police their I was praying it was not you because I had just seen you. it took me till Friday to find out it was you. I’M so sad for you and your family and the lost I feel of not getting to talk and know you better. I feel I lost some one I would have like to get to know better. May you rest in piece and meet the souls of family and friends that you love and care about.
    a friend jim

    Becky Allen Jones » 01. Apr, 2016

    David was my teacher so many years ago. He had a profound influence on me and I think of him often. We became friends after high school and I once had the pleasure of visiting his cabin in the woods. I remember marvelling at his incredible library. That day, he gave me a book from it that I have kept these 30+ years. In fact, it has a special place in my own extensive library, inspired by Mr. David Butt.

    I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing. My prayers go out to, you, his family and friends. He was a great man that gave much of himself to others and to his country. May he rest in eternal peace.

    David Rolston » 01. Apr, 2016

    I still recall all the friendly boxing sparring sessions we had in my back yard in the summer…and I even won one…but only one! And I remember loaning you my shotgun…which you managed to drop off of a cliff! But they are all friendly, warm memories and I will miss you. We both went off to Vietnam…me with the Army and you with the Marines and we never saw each other again. Semper Fi, Marine.

    Alice Shepherd » 03. Apr, 2016

    I had the most interesting time teaching in the classroom next to David at Springdale High School in the 70s. He provoked laughter among his students and could be counted on to come up with something to provoke lively conversation among his colleagues. He was a caring teacher and a kind, helpful person. I’m sorry I didn’t hear about his passing in time to attend the memorial service, but I know there would have been many there to celebrate his life. RIP, David.