Robert (Bobby) Lee Ramey, February 18, 1942~January 8, 2017

ramey2-copyRobert (Bobby) Lee Ramey, 74, of Fayetteville, died January 8, 2017 at Willard Walker Hospice Home. He was born February 18, 1942 in Fayetteville to Beryl and Juanita Stout Ramey. Bobby was a member of the Greenland Church of Christ. He retired from the railroad after 27 years of service and was a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam Era.

He is survived by his wife, Sheila Head Ramey whom he married May 20, 1964; two sons, Brian Ramey and Tracy Ramey, both of Fayetteville; and one sister, Glenda Beryl Harrison of San Augustine, TX.

Funeral services will be 12:00 noon, Thursday, January 12, 2017 at Beard’s Funeral Chapel with Glen Ludwig officiating. Burial will follow at Fayetteville National Cemetery.

Visitation will be 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at the funeral home.

Family request memorials be made to Willard Walker Hospice Home or American Cancer Society.


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Condolences (10)

    Mike and Nadine Huddleston » 09. Jan, 2017

    Thinking of you at this time.

    Lenard Johnson, Larry Tackett, Rhonda Barenberg » 10. Jan, 2017

    We have many good memories of Bobby’s good hearted way of living his life and providing our family with much laughter as his good heartedness for others shined through. We come from such a God fearing loving family that miles and time will never take away.

    Aunt Verna, Larry Tackett, Lenard Johnson, Rhonda Barenberg » 10. Jan, 2017

    We have many good memories of Bobby’s good hearted way of living his life and providing our family with much laughter as his good heartedness for others shined through. We come from such a God fearing loving family that miles and time will never take away.

    Divini Creech » 11. Jan, 2017

    When I think of my Uncle Bob, I always smile. He loved cracking the 1, 2, and 3 ‘liner’ jokes and always enjoyed a good laugh AND CHOSE TO LAUGH MORE OFTEN THAN NOT. “Shave and a haircut, 2 BITS!” He was much like my late Grandpa Ramey in this way ‘and more’. My Uncle Bob ‘oozed’ a genuine heart and tender, caring nature. Don’t get me wrong, I saw him ‘irritated’ on those given moments running into some ‘rocky’ road on his path being traveled in this world like we all run into at those times, but it quickly seemed to pass and just a short while later he was always laughing and smiling again!

    When I think of my Uncle Bob, I remember a man who showed a GENUINE DEEP RESPECT AND LOVE for his wife, my AWESOME AUNT SHEILA (who ‘even though I’m gluten free now’, makes the best biscuits on this planet)! I remember a man who cared so very deeply for his boys (my wonderful and dear cousins, BRIAN AND TRACY).

    When I think of my Uncle Bob, I remember a close connection and brotherly love for my mom ‘his sister’, Glenda Harrison. I remember the stories of their childhood and the laughs and their special connection shared at the kitchen table as we all laughed with them.

    I was blessed to spend a bit of time with him recently shortly before he left us and even then, in the midst of his last battle with cancer, what I remember most is his sweet, sincere nature AND HIS ONE LINERS AND HIS LAUGHTER! I KNOW HE IS ENTERTAINING EVERYONE IN THE HEAVENS NOW AND ESPECIALLY SINCE MEETING UP WITH GRANDPA RAMEY AGAIN! I can only imagine how Grandma Ramey is rolling her eyes at this point as the 2 are back together again! I will enjoy his laughter again some day as we all will…………until then, I look forward to enjoying my Aunt Sheila and my cousins, Brian and Tracy as much as time allows in this world!


    LeElla Mussulman » 11. Jan, 2017

    My life was blessed to have such a wonderful brother in law in my life. He was a great husband to my sis and patient and loving father to my nephews. His carrying and fun ways just filtered into everyone’s life that knew him. Bob you will be very missed!! Love you.

    Roy Stout and family » 12. Jan, 2017

    Sheila, Glenda, and family, Though losing Bobby may temporarily dim the light that his mirth and humor always brought to our generation, the warmth of his memory will continue to lighten our hearts. Our prayer is that the same warmth will help ease your grief and sustain you through this time. Please know that our thoughts and love are with you.

    Jerry Wallen » 12. Jan, 2017

    In this sorrowful time, We would like to extend to you our heartfelt condolences. May our Lord comfort you and your loved ones.

    Marla » 12. Jan, 2017

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. May Uncle Bob rest in peace!!! I love and miss you all with all my heart!!! Hope to see you sometime soon.

    Amanda » 12. Jan, 2017

    Im sorry i couldnt make it fly high with the angels uncle bob ill always miss and love you.rest peace l.i hope to get together soon love and miss you all so much

    Sarah Wilson » 12. Jan, 2017

    One of my favorite things to do was spend a week with my Uncle Bob and Aunt Sheila in KC every summer… We have so many memories.. But one particular summer stays forever embedded. Maybe it was because of how care free I was able to be around Uncle Bob… He always had a warm heart and went above and beyond!! I can remember how patient he was in helping build a tire swing that not only I but all the neighbor kids wanted to play on for hours. One of My favorite things was going to the farmers market with him … It was something he really enjoyed doing and he picked the best fruits!!! I love you Uncle Bobby!!
    Little Miss so sweet

    Glenda Harrison » 14. Jan, 2017

    My brother, Bobby, was indeed one-of-a-kind. There were so many facets to his character, talents, love of family, that to say that he was well-rounded is a profound understatement. Although our lives kept us apart more than either of us wanted, at least as far as distance in miles, we had a common thread emotionally and with our senses of humor that every time we had the extreme good fortune to be around each other, we had a whopping good time! Bobby had a delightful penchant for being able to come up with a catch-phrase on the spur of the moment that would send all around him into fits of laughter. He was creative and an innovator in his own right. Having been a military wife, I’m very acquainted with the term “field expedient” which means if there is a situation which presents itself and no evident means of solution, you make use of whatever is around you and you solve it!!! Oh my, that was my brother…just one of the many examples…he wanted a trailer and had an older refrigerator that no longer served its intended purpose. He did some “reworking” and had a very workable trailer that he could pull behind his lawn mower. He could pick tunes on the guitar with nary a lesson or the ability to read music. He could put words together on paper that hinted at the depth of his thinking. He could be such a true and caring friend to those around him: his buddies at the railroad where he worked as a boilermaker for many years, his shipmates in the Navy with whom he kept in contact, the folks who worked at the truck stop who would have his cup of joe ready when they saw him coming, the church family that would do anything for him and vice-versa, the doctors, nurses, hospice staff and technicians to whom he never failed to express appreciation for their thoughtful care, to a complete stranger that he may run across who needed a little “hand up” at that moment.
    And, of course, for him NOTHING was as important as Family. His unfaltering love and devotion to our father and mother that brought him “home” to them so that he would be there as and when needed and to share their golden years. His complete and loving assimilation into his “in-law” Family. Although, if the truth be known, I’m not sure Bobby thought of or felt it to be “in-law”. It was always obvious to me that he felt it to be truly “in-heart”…he dearly loved them. His sons Brian and Tracy who were the stalwarts of his daily family life and, as with us all, so loved that he would without hesitation “take a bullet for them”. And I might add here his beloved dogs…they could sense how deeply he cared and they stuck to him like glue. He had so many memorable moments with them!
    And then…there’s his true love, his soulmate, his partner, his best friend, his loving wife, Sheila. I’m not sure there are words that are deep enough or expressive enough to really say how he loved her and she him. There is an old adage I read many years ago that may come as close as I can muster, so I’m going to reiterate it…”If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it was meant to be.” Decades ago, Bob and Sheila met and set their love free to come back to them and sustain them as not many in their lives have the good fortune to experience.
    My brother, Bobby, graced the Human Race with his presence.