Susan Driver, April 9, 1952~June 15, 2017

Susan DriverSusan Driver, a woman of great spirit and conviction, who brought light, laughter and a genuine interest to everything and everyone she touched, passed away Thursday, June 15th, 2017 – she was 65.

Susan was born a fiery, red-headed Texas rose. She lived life to the fullest – riding in on a stallion, and out after beating you in one of the many games at which she excelled, leaving you wanting more of her knowledge, time, laughter and wisdom. She was an avid reader – always ready with a list of recommendations and analyses of the author and story. She was a lover of words and Scrabble – you could never get an inadmissible word past her. She was a die-hard tennis player who loved a family doubles match. She was a skilled card player – be it Bridge, Spades, or Canasta, she would beat you and give you some pointers along the way. She had a remarkable green thumb, growing Black-eyed Susan’s towering 10 feet in height. And she was a great lover of road-trips, racking up miles across America and never letting anyone else drive. She was generous with her love, pragmatic and candid with her advice, and convicted in her beliefs, which in the 1990s led her to galvanize support for a sales tax to fund improvements to Wilson Park and the broader Fayetteville Parks & Trails system. She was a creative and committed 4th grade teacher, who balked at the constraints of new standards, because she knew that sometimes teaching math through a kick-ball game was the best way to reach the kids.

Susan leaves a great many people here, honoring and keeping her spirit alive, including her children Sara, Nathan and Kya; her grandchildren, Emylia, Scarlett, Lola, Burch and Mason; her siblings, John, Dan, Steve and Sara; her numerous in-laws, nieces and nephews; and her large family of friends. In lieu of gifts, please donate to Heifer International or volunteer with Fayetteville Parks & Rec.

Cremation arrangements by Beard’s Funeral Chapel.

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    Warren McCombs » 17. Jun, 2017

    Ms. Driver, my fourth grade teacher, was my favorite teacher ever. She was a truly amazing woman who made a huge impact on so many of her students’ lives. Every single day, I looked forward to going to school because of her. She was selfless, challenging every one of her students. Ms. Driver recognized that fourth-grade students needed time to meditatively relax, as well as having time to let off steam. She was always a fan of taking quick breaks outside, as well as giving us extended recess time. She would often take us on nature walks in the woods behind the school and have us sit and listen to the birds. During the long recesses that Ms. Driver gave us, she always came outside onto the playground with us. She would often play four-square with her students, or sometimes just walk around and talk to people. These little actions, these acts of kindness that others deemed insignificant, were so important that her students would often leave on the last day of school sobbing. She loved all her students, and I know for a fact that the feeling was mutual. She taught for decades, engaging and deeply impacting the lives of hundreds of students. Ms. Driver really made the world a better place for so many people. I am so sorry to hear of her passing.

    Name » 17. Jun, 2017

    Will miss Mrs. Driver very much. She was the best teacher I had and pushed me to try in school. Prayers for her family during this time

    Marti Squires » 18. Jun, 2017

    Sorry to learn of Susan’s death. What a legacy she leaves behind! Will remember her whenever I enjoy the pleasures and beauty of Wilson Park or Fayetteville’s remarkable Trail system.

    Conrad Sawyer » 18. Jun, 2017

    I am so saddened to read this news. She was indeed a wonderful person and will be missed. My thoughts are with all left behind at this time.

    Bo Bittle » 18. Jun, 2017

    I’m sorry for your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Connie Edmonston » 20. Jun, 2017

    Family of Susan Driver –
    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. I knew Susan when she was Chairman of our Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for several years. Whenever I think of our HMR tax that benefits our parks, I think of Susan. She very passionately supported and campaigned for this new tax to make our community stronger through our parks and recreation department. I strongly believe this would not have happened without Susan tirelessly giving her time and eloquently voicing the importance of the HMR tax to our citizens. Dear family, when you see new parks, park improvements and programs, know the legacy of your mother/grandmother played an instrumental part in achieving these improvements for future generations to come. My condolence to your family. Sincerely, Connie Edmonston, Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Directir

    Carey Blackwell » 23. Jun, 2017

    Fly free in the Light, Sue. Prayers for comfort and peace for your family, friends and

    Schuyler Webster » 23. Jul, 2017

    Ahnii Family of Susan Driver: After an early June conversation with Susan, I was concerned and encouraged her to not give up hope and seek support/treatment. I wanted her to please stay in touch and let me know how she was coping. Hoping against this sudden outcome, I am heartsick. My sincere condolences go out to her family and friends. Susan’s deep feelings held convictions grounded in fairness and equal opportunity, and it goes without saying, her many students have benefited from those values. Her expansive mind certainly conveyed a worldview beyond borders that was refreshing. To those who were friends on the scrabble network, we are without a kindred soul. May the Great Spirit receive this soul with grace.

    Schuyler Webster
    ISC Member

    Kent McElheny » 16. Aug, 2017

    I never met Susan, but played scrabble with her online for 15 years. So I feel like I know her as a close friend. She even called me about 10 years ago when my mother was not well and eventually died, to console me. I knew that she was going in for a hip replacement in early June because she told me on one of our scrabble chats. But then I did not hear from her for weeks…..obviously. I am at a loss for what happened. If anyone would email me to tell me what happened I would greatly appreciate it. I now live in Black Mountain, NC, which ironically is where she lived for a while, but that was several years before I arrived. Thanks to anyone who can contact me.
    Kent McElheny